18 de June de 2020



Adaptation of "Educating with the heart" by Rubén Armendáriz Ramírez

◦ "The essential thing is to learn to love while maintaining the freedom of the loved one and in such a way that allows us both to preserve our own individuality"

Thigh Nhat Hanh

Here are some points that parents can consider when educating their children in values.

It is not a magic recipe, is to understand that our children are unique beings. unrepeatable and not an extension of us as parents.

  1. A child is not a property

His parents have brought him into the world and he is born thanks to them, but it does not belong to them, belongs to existence.

They are your protectors, but not for that they belong to them.

2.Parents should not do what they want with their child.

Each new being comes to fulfill a specific and individual mission in his life, parents already had their time and their opportunity to do with their lives what they wanted and fulfill their mission. If they did not take advantage of it, that is not the fault of the son. A child should not meet the expectations of parents.

3. A parent must be a counselor, not an imposter.

Parents must help develop the intelligence of their children to face the circumstances of life. They should always guide them by presenting options so that the children are the ones who decide their path to choose..

Parents: Leaders not dictators, children are not owned by parents.

The father will be a guide, being able to guide you to possible future problems of your choices.

4. Parents must love their children intensely and then let them go their way..

About Us, we adults already had to leave our home and make our way out of the house. In this way, our children will come to us to be supported on their path of maturation to find the meaning of their own existence..


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