15 de June de 2022

Coexistence rules for children


Coexistence norms consist of social norms that are important for the education of children, as important as reading, write or learn to use cutlery, these norms are those that are in charge of teaching an individual to behave in peace, respect and harmony in the environment in which it takes place.

Basic rules like the salute, give the thanks, ask please, They are rules of courtesy that by common sense we all learn from a young age, but it is not limited only to this.

Talking about rules, it is important to start with the family members, who take care of good treatment and respect, in addition to promoting responsibility and discipline at home.

If there are clear and constant rules, children can learn about limits and their strength, knowing not only their place in the family but also what is expected of them. For their part, adults need to be consistent between what they say and what they do.

Family rules involve all family members according to their age and abilities, and usually although the parents take them, within the democracy of the home, children can participate and thereby be motivated to comply with them. We must remember that, everything that is achieved at home, will be socially reflected in social relationships and in school.

the rules of coexistence for the education of children

As children grow they can play a more important role of participation in the rules, decisions and other family aspects, but what should be clear is that if the rules are not followed there are consequences, according to the age of each member, but they must know that to obtain things you have to make an effort.

Good and efficient coexistence consists then, in teaching each member respect for others and for the right of the other to have an opinion, think, feel and do, in addition to assuming that obligations must be fulfilled without question, Well, if there are no obligations or rules, everything would be chaos and it would even be much more difficult to achieve family harmony.

Every norm of coexistence allows members to behave and interact with order, tolerance and respect. In this article we are going to take some basic examples for coexistence and effective behavior, taking into account that the teaching of children starts from the example, without having to explain much they will learn to differentiate education and values ​​from debauchery.

Some basic rules of coexistence:

  • Greeting and goodbye, although a child cannot be forced to show affection that he does not feel, (when it comes to hugs and kisses to relatives) what should not be up for discussion is cordiality.
  • Give the thanks, is to recognize the other something that has given us: his time, your effort, food, Water, etc.
  • Respond if spoken to or asked a question.
  • Ask permission, to take what is not yours, to go out, to give an opinion.
  • Share what you have, toys, food, with others they guarantee that others want to do the same for you, also sharing gives the satisfaction of giving a little happiness to another.
  • Envy is without a doubt one of the most destructive feelings out there., contrary to gratitude that focuses on seeing and valuing what you have, envy focuses on everything you think you need and that the other does, "The neighbor's grass is always greener".
  • We are all exposed to making mistakes, it will probably happen to you more than once in your life and accepting it humbly with an apology guarantees harmony.
  • Hear, and respect gives us the opportunity to know the feelings and opinions of others.
  • If they lend you an object, it is important to return it, comment on trust and credibility.

Teaching children to use the proper tone of voice when referring to someone else helps build empathy, for the same to treat others as they would like to be treated and emphasize how important it is to treat with empathy, respect and tact towards others.

If we want our rights to be respected at home, the main thing is to do our part and comply with the rules, in addition to not using violence to get what you want and less demanding from parents material things that are not only not needed but that have not been earned with effort.

Education and cordiality are weapons that open the doors of the world, being polite, wait for the turn to speak, ask permission, greet, say gooobye, share and listen, They are values ​​that do not go out of style and that are basic in the norms of coexistence for society.

Having said that, the rules of coexistence are the shield that helps to integrate into a group, be it from the family bosom, social or school, They are therefore important attitudes to instill from a young age to guarantee that they grow with values ​​and happiness leading a healthy life, efficient and positive.



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