High-level bilingual education English-Spanish. We develop your capabilities through a personalized life plan

A respectful environment, warm and motivating, that encourages them to reach their full potential.
We make your inner genius shine®

School Hours

From Monday to Friday from 07:45 from morning to 14:30 pm.

Extended schedule

From Monday to Friday of the 14:30 at 19:30 hours

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TAE inspires each Student to achieve
your full potential.

Our students work on a personalized system of 15 maximum students per level. A Academic Plan for each student, taking into account your talents and abilities, creating a high and challenging individual academic expectation, higher than SEP requirement. For your comprehensive development, in our programs are Development of Thinking skills, Art, Computing and Robotics, sports, Entrepreneur and Leadership Program.

Academic environment TAE:

  • ⦿ Bilingual education (English Spanish)
  • ⦿ Languages (French, Mandarin Chinese).
  • ⦿ Outstanding academic level.
  • ⦿ Highly qualified teachers.
  • ⦿ Preceptories: Life plan
  • ⦿ Education in values ​​and habits
  • ⦿ Social activities, artistic and
  • ⦿ Educational technology.
  • ⦿ Weekly logs.


Our constructivist educational system, Primary TAE covers and exceeds the scope of the official SEP curriculum and, further, We have in all our groups subjects for the development of the following areas:

– Bilingual English-Spanish with Cambridge certification.
– Language Classes: Mandarin Chinese and French.
– Microsoft Certified Computing Classes / Computer and Tablet per student.
– Robotics (Arduino, Mechanics, 3D printer, To be).
– Reading Comprehension.
– My-ON program for the development of reading and comprehension of English at home.
– Development of thinking abilities.
– Soccer and volleyball workshop.
– Values ​​development program.

The environment of our students is characterized by an atmosphere of:

  • Outstanding academic level.

We cover and exceed the scope of the official SEP curriculum, and additionally, our students are challenged by rigorous academic expectations and pedagogical excellence inspiring each student to reach their full potential.

  • Highly qualified teachers.

All TAE staff are highly qualified and committed to their work. We make learning fun and support our students at every stage of their development.

  • Preceptories: Individual life plan.

The student has a socio-effective accompaniment, cognitive and pedagogical during which their individual life plan is developed, personal goals are established thus leading to a teaching job.

  • Education in positive values ​​and habits.

We train our students through a family program that develops positive habits and values ​​of respect, honesty and perseverance, as well as ideals of responsibility, integrity, performance and social sense.

  • Social activities, artistic and sports.

In TAE the integral development of our students is very important with social responsibility activities with visits to nursing homes and family homes..

  • Educative technology.

Colegio TAE has educational technology that allows developing skills and creativity.

    • – Microsoft Certification. His computer skills in the Office parcel are endorsed by a Microsoft certification.
    • – Interactive whiteboards.
    • – Tablets and Personal Computers. CEach student reinforces what is seen in class.
    • – Platform digital for daily reading and pronunciation practice with more than 13,000 Titles.
    • – Makerspace. A space with 3D Printer, Laser cutter, laymen and different tools for creating projects and developing creativity.
    • – Robotics specialized: arduino mechanics and programming.

We have evening hours with our Club TAE with activities like:

  • Homework club. At the end of the classes, the little ones advance with the support in tasks where what is seen in class is reinforced. What's more, teachers carry out activities where the same topics of the month are touched, This continuity allows the student to soak up knowledge throughout the day.

  • Evening workshops. Students develop to the maximum, thus achieving participation in competitions that reward their dedication and dedication..
    • Taekwondo
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Chess
    • Song
    • Paint
    • Ballet
    • English Conversation Club
    • Swimming
  • Lunch service. For your well-being, our nutritionist prepares a special menu that includes all the food groups and in this way, our children have a healthy and balanced nutrition in their daily diet.

  • School bus. We have vehicles at your disposal to send your children safely and comfortably with professional drivers.

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