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Thomas Alva Edison Bilingual School in Guadalajara

Valores Colegio TAEThe Thomas Alva Edison School, is an institution where people find a place to participate in the integral development of the new generations. We seek that students participate in their own education, as well as integrating them into a group where you will find the support and the necessary company to develop your educational processes. In it TAE college, the whole community operates in a collaborative environment, where the camaraderie stands out, support and friendship, same values ​​that we transmit daily to students. This in order that the children continue to feel at home, surrounded by people who care not only about their cognitive development but also about their social, emotional and personal of each of them.

Our school is convinced that improving education is improving as individuals, as teachers and as students, peror also as an educational community, involving parents and families of children and adolescents in their education, as an int processegral and collaborative. Whereby, Tae seeks to promote friendship and support among our students so that they develop their capacities as individuals who stand out for making significant contributions to their society.

We demand that our students develop constantly, to overcome their own limits and set their own goals; We take them to always give their maximum effort accompanied by the guidance of our teachers, that drive and challenge them to achieve their goals. Our teachers seek to know their students to detect their peculiarities and thus develop their potential; inquire about their weaknesses to work on them and enhance their strengths for their individual and social development.

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Bilingual and Language Education

Our academic program TAE prepares them for him success academic and in the around professional business through education bilingual English-Spanish, also classes of Languages from Chino Mandarin Y

French at all levels.

Academic Excellence and Technology

Highly qualified teaching staff. High Academic Level. Participation in academic and cultural competitions, with experiences in the first state places. External academic evaluations. Active Education with Constructivist method-APR. Robotics and Computing at all levels.

Values ​​and Comprehensive Training

Special program for the development of self esteem, self-knowledge and emotional development. Preceptorship and Individual Life Plan. Warm and personalized treatment, for optimal personality development. Individual meetings with parents, for academic and Life plan. Art classes. Entrepreneur Program for business skills development.

Escudo Colegio TAE GuadalajaraThe Thomas Alva Edison School, is a Educational Institution of Excellence, born in the year of 1989 at the Minerva Campus in Guadalajara, with the concept of being an institution for high potential children, to serve outstanding students, since they were not properly attended in traditional schools.

Shortly after, It was found that the difference between an outstanding student from an average one, is largely on the type of education you receive, and with due stimulation, any student can become outstanding.

In this way a system was developed, through which the unique abilities of each student are identified, and are developed in a systematic way, devoting more attention to developing these strong areas, becoming a pivot of their self-esteem and strengthening their confidence to develop their less strong parts.

The system was developed and expanded on the Minerva Campus, and later the Providencia I and II Campuses were opened, integrating all levels into our educational offer, from baby care, preschool, primary, high school, high school. In addition to Diplomas, Online Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

More than 25 years of experience, the thousands of graduates and families totally grateful to our TAE School are our best presentation.

The development of our students is inspired by the figure of Thomas Alva Edison, seeking to train autonomous individuals, autodidactas, entrepreneurs, productive, workers, active and ethically committed to society.

Edison did not train alone. He was immersed in a loving and stimulating environment that allowed his development on a scale of genius.. Nevertheless, the school of his time did not provide this environment which was what he needed to unfold his potential. In fact, in his formal school he was rejected as "unfit". It was his mother who raised him at home.

Edison's mother (Nancy Elliot Edison), without being an educator, and without being aware of what he was creating, taught him mainly the taste for learning. With a loving deal, warm and empathetic, that made learning an enjoyable experience, and above all believing in him and his ability even though he was wrong, he was transmitting some knowledge, and encouraged him to acquire more for himself. His mother found her strengths, and challenged him to unfold them more. Seeing that he liked to experiment, allowed and supported him in having a small laboratory. This is how liking developed, and still the desire to learn more (In the words of Edison himself: Learning is the greatest pleasure in life), the search for creative solutions, being kind and empathetic, the culture of effort and maintaining a positive mindset in the face of adversity.

All these skills allowed him throughout his life to develop enormous potential, that made him the greatest inventor in history. He used to say: "My mother is who made what I am" (My mother was the making of me!”).

Edison was not just a theoretical inventor, but he was also a businessman with great humanity and sensitivity, who managed to turn his inventions into practical applications that would solve many problems of his time, and generated a business and work culture that subsists to this day (Edison Electric became General Electric). He also brought these characteristics into his personal life, forming a solid family, where these values ​​were inherited.

Among his inventions is the phonograph, cinematographer, alkaline batteries, incandescent light, and many others, reaching more than 1,000 inventions with patent registration.

They also developed in their values ​​and virtues, which later allowed him to lead a flat and meaningful life. One of those values, which became a distinctive feature of Edison, was promoting a positive attitude at all times, and not be discouraged by difficulties. That courage later led him to try with great tenacity and persistence, until you find the solution to the problems that arose.

He used to say: "My mother is who made what I am" (My mother was the making of me!”), saying that she had put those seeds that had made it possible to get everything else. Taking these elements with love is that we developed the TAE system, with which our teachers are trained, and we use to prepare our students, with great results.

Educate and train upright human beings, successful and of academic excellence, as well as developing their potential in the mental areas, emotional, physical and spiritual; and inspire an entrepreneurial attitude, aware and critical of their surroundings, and be a place where all members of the TAE family achieve their personal and professional development with responsibility for their family, society and the environment in Mexico and the world.

To be a group of educational institutes with a leading system, cutting edge of continuous improvement; recognized for the high quality of its educational programs, the use of technologies, the integrity of its values, commitment to their students, society and the environment.

  1. Love in everything that is done.
  2. I respect
  3. Commitment
  4. Perseverance
  5. Culture of effort.

For us, each student is someone very special.

All the staff of the School make commitments with each of our students:

1. Give them lots of love and attention

2. Identify and develop all your capabilities

3. Guide them for the development of their Life Plan

4. Protect and promote the development of their healthy self-esteem

5. That they develop a taste for learning

6. Develop their creativity and initiative

7. Develop their reasoning skills

8. That they learn a culture of effort

9. Train and reinforce positive values ​​and habits

10. Motivate them to achieve a high Academic Level

11. That they can communicate adequately in English and Spanish, both orally and in writing.

12. That they have a harmonious physical development

13. Learn to use art to express your feelings

14. Have a warm atmosphere, cordial, harmonious and fully supportive of your unique needs

15. Enjoy and be happy during your stay at the College


Agustín Yañez Campus

Ricardo Palma Street 2976, Meadows Providencia, 44670 Guadalajara, Jal.

Providencia I and II Campus

Pablo Casals No. 590/580,

Col. Meadows Providencia, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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