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Importance of sleep in childhood


Sleep, on health issues, infant sleep refers to that period either day or night in which the child rests. Its main function is to regulate and repair the child's body to control its energy and body temperature. In addition, sleep replenishes and restores your processes that tend to wear out in the activities of the day..

Sleep in Childhood

Mainly the baby's sleep is divided into four stages that change or deepen progressively, so it is important to respect each of the stages and prevent them from becoming a habit, because it will be more difficult for them to adapt to new routines if this happens. In reality, getting a child to sleep is a relatively easy task, but as adults we make it difficult with certain habits such as rocking him or her in our arms or staying there until he or she falls asleep., because the day that the parents are not there, the child faces a conflict that turns the time of sleep into something stormy for them. It is advisable to respect a rhythm and a stage but it is necessary to let them flow with the rhythm of sleep that do not coordinate after certain years the number of naps and times of each one.

Among the different benefits that children experience is that they can assimilate and organize everything they have learned in the day, In addition to obtaining a physical maturation, and emotional where they gradually exercise their independence from the world and from their parents according to their age. In addition, sleep is an irreplaceable food for the child's body.. On the other hand, if we do not allow him to rest, we can cause the child to have behavioral problems., Therefore, we recommend that you establish schedules from an early age., times and routine for your sleep.

It is very important to create appropriate sleep habits for each child, that can help you better fall asleep to rest. It is always convenient as far as possible to respect the times and times when they should go to bed, although sleep times are personal, parents should act as guides on the subject for them, because they will be the ones that set the tone in the routines.

After establishing the routine, it must be taken into account that it be in an environment that makes the child feel comfortable and safe and that it is easy to adapt to it., To achieve this, you need to know, observe and put into practice.

In the case of babies, they sleep when they feel tired, but if they find it difficult to relax and fall asleep, they will surely let you know by crying, but in the end, when they get tired, they will fall asleep in bed, but the ideal is not to let them cry in all cases but to help them sleep, either with a story, a song that makes them feel safe.

Surely you have seen that the child likes to play more than sleep, and that despite the fatigue they want to continue playing, however, one way to make bedtime fun is to tell a story, But in the preschool stage, a good tip is to make them relax using their imagination with a scenario, either created by them a hundred or from a story that you have told them before..

It should be noted that, the environment in which the child sleeps is very important because the room must be conducive from the temperature, Your bed, and that not much light enters that can make it difficult for them to fall asleep. It is recommended that after the first months of life the child sleeps in his own room, which will reinforce the independence of the parents.

Every child is a different world, your behavior, character and habits depend on the family environment, so each parent will know what kind of routine and customs to adopt so that they can sleep better.

The proportion of sleep time increases in the first years of life and will decrease as the child grows, It is essential and also fundamental for its later stages..

The importance of sleep in childhood

Some studies say that more than one 30% of children have difficulty sleeping, and that the consequence of lack of sleep is different from that of adults making him more irritable, restless and anxious, These are some signs that you have to improve your sleep habits to get a more optimal rest.

Some consequences that pediatricians say children with sleep problems may have are:

  • Children with inconsistent sleep rhythms have otitis, recurrent nasopharyngitis.
  • Children who do not get restorative hours of sleep may have low grades, low performance, language and learning problems.
  • Lack of attention or dependence on the caregiver can also influence obesity, Headaches, shyness, low tolerance for frustration and even insecurity.

On the other hand, it has been shown that, sleep deficit during the first 3 years is irreversible, they will not be able to recover what was lost at this stage after, because there is a period of development in early childhood where if you sleep little it can be harmful to some aspects of growth, if a child of 5 years has not overcome the difficulties to sleep, you are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders throughout your life.

Contradictory to what many parents think, sleeping the baby in his bed the first weeks, it's not a good choice, Incredible as it may seem for that baby, it will become a habit that is very difficult to get rid of..

It is best to take into account that the baby, the child is that, a child who needs conditions, environment, dimensions, and different aspects to sleep than an adult, namely, if one as an adult stays awake watching television and the child sleeps with his parents, television, the light, the noise will not make them rest and will make them dependent on that behavior.

So facilitating the conditions for a child to sleep is vital., give you the opportunity to get enough sleep, comfortably, because it will become life insurance for them.

In summary, the child's dream must become a priority at the family level, it is the parents who should establish regular sleep routines, consistent and respected as much as possible, because it has also been shown that the impact of sleep in children is a better mood, More attention, increased learning and healthy development in children, not to mention that parents also have their break times, which of course has a positive impact on living with the child in terms of physical and mental health.



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