23 de junio de 2020



Why is it important for children to read?

It is important because they are going to enrich their culture, improving their language, developing concentration and memory, stimulating the imagination.

These are some of the many benefits of encouraging the reading habit in children. From the time they are little, it is essential to foster a love of reading in our children.

A task that is sometimes not at all easy due to the great avalanche of other technological activities that they may like more, However, it is essential to be aware of the benefits for the future of children that from the moment they learn to read, they start to know how to enjoy and have fun with a good book and that encourage this beautiful habit.

Reading brings great benefits to all people regardless of age., For this reason it is very important that from the time they are little and start learning to read, we try to guide them the habit of reading , as we will also get them familiar with the language more quickly.

Reading a book helps children stimulate their imagination and creativity by making them more interested in the things around them and increasing their culture, also, eading a few pages of a book or a story appropriate for their age every day will im their vocabulary, learning new words.

However, to make your child aware, it is essential that he or she sees that the older children are reading at home as well, So., if you are not a great reader, it is a good time to start reading too, and to start enjoying the pleasure of reading.

As with the older ones, to get children used to reading and start to like it, you need to find a book that will hook them. Choose books that are better for their age but take into account their tastes and hobbies.

Get them used to reading a few pages every night, motivating them but never making them feel obligated. A routine that you can start even before they learn to read, by reading them a story, so that they start to get the hang of it as a child.

A habit that will also help you improve your performance at school and learn to express your thoughts and feelings, while developing your memory and concentration.

So, I advise you to grave a book and start reading!


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