Campus Minerva: (33)3615-6321 and (33)3615-8350

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Providencia I and II Campus: (33) 1593-4910 and (33) 3330-7738

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School day:

Monday to Friday from 07:15 from morning to 15:00 pm.

Extended schedule
Monday to Friday from 15:00 at 19:30 hours.



Our goal is for students to develop beyond expectations. We encourage our students to take on leadership roles to challenge themselves., developing their full potential.

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High School Bilingual Education is High Level Bilingual. We develop their capabilities through an Individual Life Plan.

The seal of the innovation and continuous improvement governs our education. The values, he effort and the tenacity our culture that foster an environment warm, of respect and 100% anti-bullyng.


For him Thomas Alva Edison College It is important to form young critics, reflective, with values, abilities and competencies capable of developing in a society full of challenges. Thus, for each student a Plan, so much Academic like Lifetime, taking into account your talents and abilities, creating a high and challenging expectation academic individual, higher than SEP requirement. For your comprehensive development, among other contents they learn Robotics (Arduino and Mechanics), computing (Web programming and Advanced Office), Chess classes, sports, etc.

Academic environment TAE
  • Higher curriculum than SEP.
  • Bilingual education.
  • Cambridge certification
  • Computer classes.
  • Microsoft certification.
  • Preceptories: Individual Life Plan.
  • Sports tournaments.

Higher curriculum than SEP. Our TAE program goes beyond the basic study plans and programs of SEP public education.

Bilingual education. Our educational system prepares our students to be internationally competent

  • English (Cambridge certification)
  • Mandarin Chinese.
  • French
  • Español


Computer classes. Computer technology is key in TAE educational training.

  • Microsoft certification.
  • Classroom with updated computer equipment.
  • Constant monitoring.


Preceptories. Personal guidance from a teacher who attends to the learning and integral development process of each student during their stay and their academic life with a Individual Life Plan.


Sports tournaments. Sports activities throughout the year.

Extracurricular activities

Workshops sports and artistic of:

  • Futbol soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Basketball
  • Voleyball
  • Among others…

Fairs and exhibitions

  • Entrepreneur Fair
  • United Nations fair


Tae environment


Limited groups. Quotas limited to 15 students per group.

Personalized teaching. The closeness with each student allows us to provide them with special attention and continuous monitoring of the needs of each one..

Highly qualified staff. We care about the preparation of our teachers TAE, same that is reflected in the academic results of each student.

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