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School day:

Monday to Friday from 07:15 at 14:30 hours.

Afternoon stay:

Monday to Friday from 14:30 at 19:30 hours.



In TAE, we accompany our students to develop their maximum potential, not only in the academic aspect, but also in the human. We promote the development of critical judgment, autonomous and thoughtful, as well as the ability to learn to learn. Thanks to our high level of preparation, our students enter the best universities in Mexico and the world.

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Private high school with a Technical Baccalaureate in Communication

The TAE College is focused on the Development of Specific Intelligence of each Student.

TAE is an Institute of academic training with a human and professional sense.

TAE High School is determined by its High Academic Quality and School Achievement.

Academic environment TAE:

  • Baccalaureate incorporated into SEP, with a specialty in Communications Technician
  • Bilingual Training: Subjects in English
  • International Competitions
  • Additional languages: Mandarin Chinese and French
  • Individual Life Plan with Preceptories
  • Microsoft and Cambridge certifications
  • Artistic and Sports Training
  • Entrepreneurial Program Fair
  • Incursion in the Professional field
  • Values ​​training

In addition to covering all the subjects of the program required by the SEP, We offer our students a series of subjects that will be very useful in the development of their life plan and in the deployment of their full potential, how:

Oral expression / Personality Development
Healthy Living Habits
High-Level Writing
Development of Negotiation Skills
Reading Club / Reading workshop
Marketing Digital
MakerSpace / Robotics
Mandarin Chinese
Journalistic genres
Still and Moving Image
Values ​​and Ethics
Life Orientation

When taking the high school with us, in addition to completing the entire academic load that will allow you to enter the best universities, you will have title of Communication Technician, with which you acquire skills to integrate into the world of communication, learning means, web, radio, TV, what makes you an element qualified for today's society.

The students TAE have Preceptories, Vocational orientation and Individual Life Plan. For your comprehensive development, participate in a Entrepreneurial program, Robotics (Arduino and Mechanics), Creation of webpages, Programming, etc.

Our system is inspired by Thomas Alva Edison, who is considered not only the greatest inventor of all time, he was also a great businessman who managed to turn inventions into practical and viable solutions, that motivated great social development, attracting progress and benefits for him and the entire community.

TAE students meet a Graduate Profile with competences in the area of training Technique in the career of Communication. To obtain this, the development of the following is promoted areas:

  • Formed at Technologies from information.
  • Training in Technologies of the Communication:
    • Radio, Who, Photography, TV, Journalism, Websites, among other.
  • Bilingual EnglishEspañol, with certification Cambridge.
  • Kind of Languages of Chino Mandarin and French.
  • Classes of computing with certification Microsoft.
  • Workshops artistic and sports.
  • Training Program Values.
  • Program of Orientation Vocational.
  • Development of abilities of reading and maths.


The knowledge and capacities from our graduates in Technical Baccalaureate in Communication are:

  • Perform pages Web, positioning campaigns in search engines and nets social.
  • Marketing digital.
  • Perform work design and production of messages applying the knowledge of communication.
  • To elaborate film products.
  • Develop programs radio.
  • Develop programs television.
  • Write genders informative.
  • Produce genders journalistic.
  • To elaborate Projects advertising y/o propagandists.


The features of our system educational TAE son:

  • Identify in each student their capacities and talents unique, their ways to acquire knowledge, tastes and natural inclinations.
  • Give them a lot love and Attention, without conditions.
  • Develop your taste for to learn, and make this a passion.
  • Do funny he learning.
  • Develop initiative, and ability to self-learning.
  • Develop the sense critical, still question opinions experts.
  • Encourage observation and the scientific method to learn.
  • Develop together with each student a draft of life.
  • Put at your disposal elements that favor your developing creative.
  • Develop values and motivate developing spiritual.
  • Promote their comprehensive development, including sports, art and culture.



Qualities of the academic environment of our students at TAE:

  • Outstanding academic level.

The Study Plan required by SEP is covered and reinforced with subjects that develop their business skills, Development of thinking abilities, etc. Our graduates are fluent in English, and have sufficient knowledge of Chinese-Mandarin and French, what shapes them with additional tools for success.

  • Specialist teachers in the field.

All TAE staff are highly qualified and committed to their work.. We have enthusiastic teachers, who love their subject and with practical experience.

At TAE we make learning fun and support our students at every stage of their development..

  • Inclusion in the professional field.

We generate practical and creative applications of knowledge, attached to reality through immersion programs that prepare the student for the work environment with efficient and professional learning methods.

  • Personalized vocational guidance.

Within the vocational orientation we identify in each student tastes, unique abilities and talents to acquire natural knowledge and inclinations that determine the motivation you have towards certain activities of an occupation or profession.

  • Individual Life Plan with Preceptories.

The student has a socio-effective accompaniment, cognitive and pedagogical during which your individual life plan is developed, personal goals are established thus carrying out a work of tutoring.

  • Education in positive values ​​and habits.

We train our students through a program that develops positive habits and values ​​of respect, honesty and perseverance, as well as with ideals of responsibility, integrity, performance and social sense.

  • Social activities, artistic and sports.

In TAE High School, the integral development of our students with social responsibility activities with visits to different civil organizations is very important., sports tournaments, dances, contests, among others.

  • Educative technology

TAE Preparatory College has educational technology that allows developing skills and creativity.

Microsoft certification. His computer skills in Office packaging are backed by a Microsoft certification..

Interactive whiteboards.

Tablets Electronic (one per student) with interactive programs, where the student reinforces what is seen in class.

Platform Digital for daily practice of reading and pronunciation of English with more than 13,000 My-ON platform titles.

Makerspace. A space with a 3D printer, Laser cutter, Arduinos, laymen and different tools for creating projects and developing creativity.

Robotics specialized: arduino mechanics and programming.


As a private high school we have extended schedule in which our students from Club TAE they have activities like:

Homework club.

At the end of classes, students have the opportunity to advance their projects and tasks reinforcing what has been seen in class.. Also, teachers carry out activities where the same topics of the month are touched, this continuity allows the student to strengthen their knowledge.

Evening workshops.

Students develop to the maximum, thus participating in competitions that reward their dedication and dedication with artistic workshops., sports and cultural like:

  • Taekwondo
  • Soccer
  • Chess
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Ballet
  • English Conversation Club
  • Robotics
  • Swimming



  • Lunch service.

For your well-being, our nutritionist develops a special well-balanced menu that includes all food groups and thus, our students have a healthy and balanced nutrition in their daily diet.

  • School bus.

We have at your disposal vehicles to transport your children safely and comfortably with professional drivers from your home to the school and from the school to your home..

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