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School day

Monday to Friday from 08:30 from morning to 14:00 pm.

Extended schedule
Monday to Friday from 14:00 at 19:30 hours.



The preschool program is specially designed to work and develop in our students each of their strengths; they also have the opportunity to take advantage of academic learning, emotional and social in a healthy and safe environment.

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Bilingual preschool

Innovation and Constant Improvement are part of the Thomas Alva Edison College Seals

TAE inspires each Student to reach their maximum potential.

Qualities that are worked throughout their school life in the Tae Bilingual Preschool

TAE educational environment

  • Bilingual Preschool (English Spanish).
  • Outstanding academic level.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Small groups.
  • Highly qualified teachers.
  • Weekly logs.
  • Language Classes (Mandarin Chinese and French).
  • Educational innovation.
  • Education in positive values ​​and habits.

Our school integrates the level bilingual preschool a program specially designed for to work and develop in our students each of their strengths in an environment healthy and safe with activities like:

  • Literacy and Mathematics
  • English
  • Sciense & Math
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • French

  • Prekinder 2 years
  • First 3 years.
  • Second 4 years.
  • Third 5 years.

How do our girls and boys develop APR?

Our objective is that the students develop beyond the expectations in the following areas:

  • Attention and Concentration.
  • Fine motor coordination.
  • Development of thinking abilities, Intellectual, Language and Creative.
  • Dimensions of learning.
  • Body outline.
  • Body expression.
  • Visual-spatial perception skills.
  • Personal independence.
  • Judgment and reasoning.
  • Laterality.
  • Mathematical logic.
  • Visual and auditory memory.
  • Notions of classification and quantity.
  • Auditory perception.
  • Meaning of words.
  • Bilingual communication.


Qualities of the environment of our TAE students:

  • Outstanding academic level.

A hallmark of our academic level are our 2nd grade children who are proficient in reading and writing or who finish 3rd grade with the ability to do triple digit addition and subtraction.

  • Personalized attention.

The closeness with each student allows us to provide special attention and continuous monitoring of the needs of each one.

  • Small groups.

They allow to know the abilities of each individual and that allow to work and develop to the maximum each one of them.

  • Highly trained teachers.

We care about the preparation of our teachers TAE, same that is reflected in the academic results of each student.

  • Weekly logs.

We know the concern you have for your children, so we record each relevant event in your day to day.

  • Bilingual preschool.

Every day there are classes in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and French languages ​​that are combined with all skills thus promoting a great love for languages.

  • Educational innovation.

Our teachers always look for ways to include and develop new projects using different methods achieving, in this way, to work.

  • Education in positive values ​​and habits.

From small our students are formed in a community committed to the values ​​of respect, honesty and perseverance, as well as with ideals of responsibility, integrity, performance and social sense.



We have evening hours with our Club TAE with activities like:

Homework club.

At the end of classes the little ones advance with the support in tasks where what is seen in classes is reinforced. Also, teachers carry out activities where the same topics of the month are touched, this continuity allows the student throughout the day to soak up knowledge.

Evening workshops.

Students develop to the maximum, thus participating in competitions that reward their dedication and dedication..

  • Taekwondo
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Chess
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Ballet
  • English Conversation Club
  • Swimming



  • Lunch service.

For your well-being, our nutritionist prepares a special menu that includes all food groups and in this way, our children have a healthy and balanced nutrition in their daily diet.

  • School bus.

We have vehicles at your disposal to send your children safely and comfortably with professional drivers.

From the moment our students walk through our doors, they are part of a community that is committed to the ideals of responsibility for integrity., performance and social. Young people know that they have a voice and that their opinions are heard and respected but that in turn, know the value of listening and learning from the opinions of others.

Educational innovation is essential at APR. Our teachers are always looking for ways to include and develop new projects using different methods achieving, in this way, to work.

We motivate you to know your chances of passing. We handle continuous evaluation, this is how motivation and continuity are activated in the different subjects, this also allows the subject to be brought up to date.

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