Is the family still responsible for education?

We are facing a series of monumental changes because everything known is transforming, it is changing, the problems are different and the solutions too. The way of seeing the world is different from how our parents and grandparents saw it, the education we have received can no longer be put into practice with today's children and that implies a challenge: “To respond to a society immersed in a process of globalization, driven by a vertiginous development of technology ”.(Ojeda, M. M.)


But that challenge, Who's the one taking it? government, the society, the education system, the family? “Certainly parents and the family constitute the first great space of formation of the human being…The person learns at home through family relationships, in the community where you live, in gangs and friendship groups " (Bruni, J.)


Thus, the first persons responsible for education are the parents and the family as a whole is the first training space.. But in the face of so many social and specifically family changes, by family disintegration (and a probable family reintegration with new members at stake) education becomes increasingly complex.


It seems that education in this time is more difficult to carry out. With multiple members in play to enforce rules and discipline, with different hierarchies of values, with disagreements in between. Even if the family is traditional, they are the same problems but more complex.


The family today needs to reflect on their educational guidelines, become aware of their responsibility in the education of their children. The complexity of today's life escapes him and this seriously affects the child, dragging school and family problems that arise in daily reality. (Lopez Valley, A.)


Therefore, it is necessary for the entire family to dedicate itself to thinking about the educational objective of their children and this can only be done through a Family Educational Plan. Generally, alludes to the design and thought of doing something, which supposes premeditation, forecasting and ordering; but, in a technical sense, "Refers to the ordering of a set of activities, combining human resources, materials, financial and technical is carried out with the purpose of achieving a certain objective or result. (Madrid, Alix).


This tool is necessary for today's families, so that there is an educational objective, a sharing, a dialogue and established commitments. With this tool, correct authority can be exercised and the children will remain with clear objectives in life. and this will help the proper functioning of the family, impacting the children directly.


By Lic. Miriam Alcala


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