8 the February the 2018

Tips for using technology in the classroom


Without a doubt, technology today is an indispensable tool for teachers due to the ease of displaying content from the internet., like pictures, videos and others that make the class more dynamic. Nevertheless, teaching should not be diminished or influenced by 100% For technology, it is necessary to maintain the balance to be able to use it in a favorable way.

Technology as a tool

technology as a tool in class

Technology should be considered as a support material that replaces projectors, and cardboard changing them for screens, tablets, the devices, the most appropriate way to use it in learning is to graphically show the topic being talked about, taking into account a precise time to maintain the balance.

Technology will never replace teaching, teacher review and follow-up, no matter how innovative it is, then you should yes, planning with the study guide, adjust the tool also in such a way that the students feel familiar and can use the platform, since we must remember that in children there are different levels and types of learning.

You always have to set goals, goals and timeframes for imparting knowledge, so you have to set realistic goals when it comes to interacting with educational platforms, The idea is that the student enjoys and does not suffer from the use of technology due to lack of experience or because of how complex it can be for him..

There is always diversity in technology for learning, Many hardware manufacturers and developers of software create systems to help the student understand, process, learn and above all enjoy discovering the answers, data and more elements on the topics that are being taught through their own devices.

The idea is to have fun, learn and above all be surprised at what they can be able to do with these tools, remember that this generation brings "the phone under the arm", know, They become familiar with and understand these media much more than you imagine as an adult of another generation.. The idea is to make the experience fun and channel the use of digital tools to learn and improve..

Using technology as support material should be simple, that is, to have and use the resources you already have, like tablets, pantallas or internet, even in some schools there are digital platforms through which you can leave homework or review exercises. Technology is not everything, is a part of all learning.

The best thing about technology is that, with its evolution the price has been constantly decreasing, before, having internet and a computer at home was a luxury, having a laptop was definitely something that not everyone could achieve, typewriters were still the medium for presenting school papers, However, when technology changes and improves, having software at hand, network even free is possible.

Extending learning outside the classroom is important to reinforce knowledge, Nevertheless, school is like “a job” that children have, youth until reaching adulthood in which they prepare for life, now with digital media students can work with elements that are based on the cloud rather than on a book, although it must be emphasized that books should not go out of style and despite the devices they continue to be a means of consultation.

technology has no word, like any digital medium tends to fail, perhaps not very consistently, but it must be taken into account that, the network is saturated because there are more and more colleagues, students, and professionals accessing at the same time.

To teach, being a teacher is sharing your knowledge, your passion, your experience, It is the noblest way to transcend, to sow ideas, seeds in others to achieve an integral development in the student.



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