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Thomas Alva Edison

We are a private bilingual school of excellence in Guadalajara, leader and innovator. We have more than 30 years of experience providing personalized attention in academic and personal aspects.

In TAE we know that each human being is unique and special, and therefore, to achieve its full potential, it is necessary to identify and develop its special capabilities.. This is why we have Preceptories individual with each of our students. Through them we understand their talents and resources, so we jointly develop their Life plan. We focus on promoting their strengths and we accompany them step by step in the integral development of their personality..

Bilingual and Language Education

Our academic program TAE prepares them for the success academic and in the environment professional business through education bilingual english-spanish, also classes of Languages of Chino Mandarin and French at all levels.

Academic excellence and Technology

Personal teacher highly qualified. Alto level Academic. Participation in academic and cultural competitions, with experiences in the first state places. External academic evaluations. Active Education with Constructivist-TAE method. Robotics and Computing at all levels.

Values ​​and Integral Training

Special program for development of self esteem, self-knowledge and development emotional. Preceptory and Individual Life Plan. Warm and personalized treatment, for optimal personality development. Individual boards with parents, for academic monitoring and Life Plan. Art classes. Entrepreneur Program for the development of entrepreneurial skills.

TAE College

Bilingual Education

In TAE we know that the enormous ability to learn from children I know take advantage of to the maximum when they have a language immersion English. Listen to it, they speak, they write and read. In this way they naturally incorporate the new language into their abilities., and giving a great advantage in your future.


Kindergarten / Preschool

At TAE we know that the first years of life are a crucial moment of learning and growth, during which the foundations for its future development and success are formed. For this reason, in the Children's Stay, Nursery and Kindergarten we prepare a safe environment, reliable and stimulating, where the values ​​are lived, where your child can play, discover and acquire the skills and knowledge that will lead you to be a confident person, positive and with excellent bases for your academic development and for your life.

Kindergarten | Preschool



Our students work in a personalized system of 15 maximum students per level. An Academic Plan is developed for each student, taking into account your talents and abilities, creating a high and challenging individual academic expectation, higher than SEP requirement. For your comprehensive development, in our programs you will find Thinking skills development, Art, Computing and Robotics, sports, Entrepreneur and Leadership Program.



High school

For him Thomas Alva Edison College It is important to form young critics, reflective, with values, abilities and competencies capable of developing in a society full of challenges. Thus, for each student a Plan, so much Academic like Lifetime, taking into account your talents and abilities, creating a high and challenging expectation academic individual, higher than SEP requirement. For your comprehensive development, among other contents they learn Robotics (Arduino and Mechanics), computing (Web programming and Advanced Office), Chess classes, sports, etc.

High school


High school

When taking the high school with us, in addition to completing the entire academic load that will allow you to enter the best universities, you will have title of Communication Technician, with which you acquire skills to integrate into the world of communication, learning means, web, radio, TV, what makes you an element qualified for today's society. The students TAE have Preceptories, Vocational orientation and Individual Life Plan. For your comprehensive development, participate in a Entrepreneurial program, Robotics (Arduino and Mechanics), Creation of webpages, Programming, etc.

High school


At Thomas Alva Edison College (TAE) we are governed by respect, the honesty, perseverance and responsibility.

Alto level Academic
Bilingual (English / Español) in addition to Chinese Mandarian and French
Training in Values (Preceptory and Individual Life Plan)


In the TAE School the student has a socio-effective accompaniment, cognitive and pedagogical where you develop your individual Life Plan.

• System Antibullying
• Personalized attention with groups reduced
• Sites located near the Minerva and Providencia
• All levels: since Maternal until Master's degrees

(Incorporated into the SEP )


At Thomas Alva Edison College they put their creativity into practice, ingenuity, organization and collaborative work, problem solving and thinking skills.

Schedule extended with evening activities until 19:30 hours.
Transport School
Activities everything he year (No closure on vacation)



Agustín Yañez No. 2566, Col. South Arches, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

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Pablo Casals No. 590/580, Col. Providencia Meadows, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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(33) 1593-4910

(33) 3330-7738


Family Guy

TAE is part of the family where our children learn to develop and exploit their knowledge and skills.

Family Mother

I am a Mom of two children in Kindergarten and Primary and it is very gratifying for us to see our children develop greatly within the School, because development is not only cognitive but emotional.

TAE teacher

In TAE, all students acquire a good academic level and develop all their skills.


TAE is a school that always keeps improving, innovating. My son has here 4 years and in each of them I have had to see several better ones that they constantly do


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